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Welcome to Mental Health for Witches

Welcome. Mental Health for Witches is a community and peer resource designed for witches, by witches. We are honored that you are here. Let’s walk together on our unique and personal journey to optimal mental health and emotional wellness.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to achieve mental health – just like there is no one way to be a witch or do witchcraft. We are self healers embarking on our journey together.

We invite you to begin at some of our mental health and emotional wellness resource hubs below. You are also welcome to browse around our menu bar for our blog, our social media community pages, and tons of other resources about holistic health, reiki, witchy celebrations, and more.

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ALL witches are invited to be part of our peer-led support group. This group is moderated by peer support leader and experienced advocate Amber Jord. Click or tap the link above to join. You can also search our private, witchy group on Facebook Groups “Mental Health for Witches.”

Our FB group is absolutely free and dedicated to witches who want to grow, support each other, and learn new coping skills. Questions about our support resources? Contact us.

Mental Health

No matter who you are, how you identify, or what type of magick you practice, your mental health matters. Learn more about your mental health and discover some of our helpful resources.

Emotional Health

Your emotional wellness is critical to preserving your energy and being your best self. Discover tips for taking care of your heart and soul.

Witchy Things

From holistic health to pagan holidays, there is so much we can celebrate as a witch and community. Find inspiration and magick in the witchy things here on our witchy website.

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