Physical Wellness Resources

Our body, mind, and spirit are connected. This is why you need to be physically well in order to do the best spell work, ritual, and witchcraft. The following guide will provide you with some resources and tools to get started on your personal physical wellness journey. Each of these links are hand-picked by our witchy staff.

Understanding Physical Wellness

Discover what is considered physical wellness from the University of Massachusetts Medical School while understanding what is considered the right amount of exercise for healthy people. The National Institute of Health has a helpful Physical Wellness toolkit. Explore the benefits of physical activity on your whole body health from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Mayo Clinic can also help you explore how you feel if you engage in regular physical activity.

Popular Physical Wellness Activities

Cardio: Keep your heart pumping and your body healthy. Discover some of the best cardiovascular exercises to do at home, understand which cardio workouts are best for every level of fitness, and explore some of the best yoga poses for cardiovascular health.

Strength: Some days you will need to do strength exercises to keep your muscles strong and healthy. Learn some of the best free weight exercises for women, which you can also do in the comfort of your home. Nourish Move Love provides you with even more ideas, while SELF will give you a 4-week plan to get started.

Yoga: This is one of our favorite witchy wellness activities. Explore this beginner’s guide to Yoga for Everyone if you are new to the practice. Next, check out the major poses and asanas, as well as popular yoga apps that you can download to do yoga in the comfort of your home.

Walking: If the witch belongs in nature, walking is one of the most fitting physical activities. You can do it at the beach, in the forest, or on a mountaintop. It is even possible to get a walking workout in your neighborhood, at a local park, or on a treadmill in your home. Walking has just as much value as many other exercises. Discover how to get the biggest benefits from walking and learn about some of the most surprising benefits of walking from Harvard Health.

Water Activities: Swimming and water aerobics are just a couple of the physical activities you can do in the water. If you are a water sign like Pisces, Aquarius, or Cancer, consider yourself a water witch, or simply like being near a pool, a freshwater lake, or the ocean, water exercises may be for you. Other ideas that will get your heart pumping and your mind inspired include canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Some witches who live near the coast enjoy surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

Sleep Resources

Sleep is considered one of the key aspects of physical wellness – and it’s also essential to your mental health, too. First, find out how much sleep you need (in general) for your age. Next, consider how energized you feel each day and adjust your sleep schedule as you see fit. If you are not sure how much sleep you need for a mental health condition or live with symptoms of insomnia, talk to a doctor.

Consider evaluating and improving your sleep hygiene. Is your room dark and comfortable enough for restful sleep? Do you need to use a fan, a white noise machine, or a sound machine to help keep you asleep at night? Are you equipped with the right pillows or lumbar supports to prevent back pain or discomfort?

If you are interested in dream work as part of your spiritual practice, be sure to practice appropriate sleep hygiene and get enough sleep each night. If you aren’t cycling through your natural sleep cycles, you may not be able to retain, understand, or work through your dreams and messages.

A Witch’s Dietary Needs

Everyone’s body is unique, so you may have different dietary needs than the other witches in your life. Talk to a doctor, a nutritionist, or a registered dietician (RD) if you have any questions about the healthiest, most nourishing diet for your whole body health and wellness.

In general, healthy eating includes a variety of colorful vegetables, whole fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy or fortified soy proteins, nutritious oils, and a variety of protein foods. Visit your local farmer’s market or community market for food grown in your area. If you can, try growing your own vegetables, fruit, or herbs, at home.

Staying Hydrated

The witch is made of water. Keep up with your hydration to stay healthy inside and out. Review the following guidelines to see how many glasses of water you should drink each day. Carry a portable water bottle to help save the environment and feel your best. Know the signs of dehydration so you can get back to optimal health as soon as possible.

Physical Health & Mental Health are Intertwined

There is no way to separate physical health and mental health: these two facets of your wellness are intertwined. Review each of these physical wellness sections to see how you’re doing. You can also take a look at our mental health or emotional wellness pages to attend to your inner being and help attain a better sense of joy and peace.