Spiritual Wellness Resources

Take care of your spiritual wellness with the following list of resources. Some are general in nature, while others are specific to the occult or witchcraft. Browse our favorite links and educational sites to find the information that fits your flavor of craft. We know that every witch is different, so this is just a guide. We encourage you to practice whatever form of witchcraft or spirituality you think is right for you.

Spiritual Wellness Links and Resources

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

University of California (Davis) – What is Spiritual Wellness – and ways to improve and enhance your spirituality

Discover what it means to have good spiritual health and explore how to seek spirituality on your own terms

In this link, the wellness experts at Everyday Health discuss some of the main ways that spirituality can enhance your overall health and well-being.


For many witches, meditation is the very foundation of their practice. Here are some of the best resources for beginners-masters.

Are you new to meditation? Dive into this guide to meditation for beginners from Headspace.

Verywell Mind’s Meditation for Mental Health hub will provide you with everything from information about different types of meditation, the best meditation books and retreats, and how to relieve stress in other ways.

Review some of the benefits of meditation for your health and wellness.

Challenge yourself with some of the Mayo Clinic’s favorite mindfulness exercises. Go outside your comfort zone with new guided meditations or download one of the best meditation apps for your tablet or smartphone.

Social Media Resources

Find Mental Health for Witches on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Here, you can find tons of tips related to your mental health, emotional wellness, holistic health, and witchy lifestyle.

We update our pages multiple times per week – and we even have special stories and fleets. You can also follow our Founder Amber on Instagram @ambergrimeswitch and on Twitter @amberthemhwitch.

There are many other amazing witchy social media resources. Before you follow an account, do research. Take a look at several posts or explore their stories for a while. If you ever feel uncomfortable with the information someone is providing, do not hesitate to unfollow. There are thousands of interesting accounts within every social media community.

Reiki and Energy Work

Reiki and energy work may be able to help you with energy blockages in your body. These practices can also help you to release emotional baggage, practice forgiveness of yourself and others, and feel less stress, sadness, or anxiety.

For information on distance Reiki sessions with a Reiki practitioner, please email us.

Here are a few Reiki links that you may find helpful or interesting:

What Is Reiki? From Reiki.org

What Are the Benefits of Reiki? Information from Medical News Today

Reiki Really Works – A groundbreaking scientific study on Reiki and its benefits

Witchcraft Books

Shop what are considered witchcraft and magic books online with Barnes and Noble

Here are a few book recommendations for “baby witches” on Witch Swap

Recommendations for five books for the beginner witch by The Spiral Bookcase

You may also find it helpful to get recommendations from fellow witches, search witchy books at your favorite online bookstore, or browse your favorite witchy topics locally. As small business owners ourselves, we always recommend shopping small. 🙂

Spiritual Wellness Search Terms

Here are a few different terms or topics we recommend searching if you’re interested in learning more about spiritual wellness or diving into your spirituality:



☸Mindfulness Meditation

☸Pagan Spirituality

☸Gods and Goddesses

☸Reiki / Energy Healing

☸Chakra / Chakra Healing

☸Crystal Healing

☸Eclectic Witchcraft

☸Solitary Witchcraft

☸Green Witchcraft

☸Hedge Witchcraft

☸Kitchen Witchcraft

☸Buddhism/Eastern Religion

☸Karma and Rebirth

☸Pagan Prayer

☸Pagan Death and Rebirth

Discussing Your Spirituality With Others

It is always helpful to share your spiritual views with those who have similar beliefs and interests. Instead of arguing with family members or friends about the differences between your spirituality and theirs, focus on the common ground you can share with those who are also pagan, Wiccan, a witch, or whatever it is you believe. The more you explore and honor your spiritual needs, the more you will increase your spiritual wellness and bond with others while you enjoy your precious time here on Earth.

More Witchy Wellness Resources

Now that you know where to get started with your spiritual wellness, you may also be inspired to enhance other corners of your health. Check out our emotional wellness or holistic health pages for more information about how to feel better inside and out.

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