6 Ways to Keep Loving Your Craft

Unless you are in a coven or consider yourself part of a specific tradition, your style and flavor of witchcraft is 100% yours. This means that the key to loving your craft is all about you. Here are a few ways to ensure that you enjoy your witchy activities, all while maintaining your mental wellness and emotional health.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

The vast reach of the Internet and social media can make it tempting to check our “brand” of witchcraft against that of another’s. Remember, blessed one, solitary witchcraft is yours alone. Instead of comparing what you do to your fellow witch in an effort to see if you are “witchy enough,” remember that you are already as witchy as you need to be. You were chosen by the One, by the Spirit, by the Goddess! Choose to see someone else’s experience as a chance to educate yourself or inform yourself about other lineages, ethnicities, and practices.

If you find yourself comparing yourself to your fellow witches a bit too much, take a break from social media, chatting, or blogging. Instead, take some time for yourself. Do what makes you happy. That is what is most important. Your ancestors and the Universe see you, and they are surely pleased.

Try New Things

If you’ve been practicing witchcraft for many years, it is possible that you are stuck in a rut. This happens to everyone who masters a certain level of their craft, whether it be athletic competition, business prowess, or experience in an industry. If you’re bored by your usual spell work or full moon ritual, it is a sign that it is time to try something new.

Anxiety, compulsions, or other variables in our mental health can make it a little bit intimidating to go another way with any of our beloved activities. Do what feels comfortable, then branch out as you’d like. It is perfectly okay to vary your practice as much or as little as you want — as long as you feel that new, fresh breath of air in your spell work or ritual.

For example, you could try to do one of your upcoming Esbat rituals in another place, or maybe you could try a different activity like a visualization meditation or a spirit bath before you begin. Incorporate music, candle magick, crystals, or an instrument like a singing bowl or drum.

Reward Yourself

Create your own, one-person coven. No, really! :) Go ahead and write in your grimoire, BOS, or journal about what you think is an an appropriate ward system for each new “level” you achieve. For example, if you are learning about sigils and you finish your beginner’s books, perhaps you would like to purchase a few affordable items for a sigil ritual.

After learning a new skill, like reiki or alchemy, you may decide to purchase yourself a new wand or cloak. Maybe you finally travel to that beautiful forest a couple of hours away and use your new ritual items in the most tranquil place. For the nature-worshipping witch, every journey is about enjoying the adventure.

Keep Learning

If you talk to almost any witch, they will tell you that learning, discovery, education are absolutely essential to witchcraft. Reading and researching online can be fun for our “type” – it can also give many of us a new sense of purpose. No matter how insignificant that herbal magick or energy work may seem to your “regular” daily life, know that the Goddess has chosen you to learn new things for a reason. If you are enjoying learning about it, it is most likely meant for you.

Browse witchy websites and join witchcraft-related communities online like the Mental Health for Witches community on Instagram or Twitter. Balance the knowledge and experience from the witchcraft and consumer community with a scientific knowledge of medical and alternative medicine websites.

Buy books from local witchy bookstores and shop small with the occult community. Before beginning learning instruction or an apprenticeship with any type of occult or alternative medicine teacher, be sure to vet them for their experience and their fit for you. Every meeting is an exchange of energy, so be discerning about with whom you keep your company. Mentors can be fabulous for baby witches and even the experienced witch, but it is important you find someone who is appropriate for your needs and your expectations.

Connect With Other Witches

Connecting with other witches can be an invaluable experience. The comradery and love that one can feel from this community is unlike any other. Besides our Mental Health for Witches community, our blog, and social media sites, there may be face-to-face opportunities to meet witches like you in your area. Just ensure that you do it safely – for your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Remember, your energy and intuition don’t lie, so don’t feel the need to be in acquaintance with all witches, just because they are a part of the occult. Some witches will have vastly different beliefs than you. Again, focus your energy and your heart on the people who lift you up for your craft and help you learn more about yourself and the world at large.

In the meantime, check out our holistic health and witchy things pages. They will help you to explore more about yourself and your whole body, whole mind wellness.