Mental Health Meditations for Yule

Blessed Be!

Yule will be here soon, so we are preparing our meditations for journaling + reflection.

The celebration coincides with the winter solstice, which is the darkest, longest night of the year. At the same time that we observe and respect the darkness, we also look forward to new light. Considering the intense astrological events happening as of late, the Yule and Winter Solstice observation is an excellent time to think about your mental health and emotional wellness.

We have a few themes for you to think about below, which are supported in our enclosed graphic:

SUN + SELF: Soon, the Sun will begin its long journey back toward Mother Earth. Have you strayed from yourself or your inner child this year? What can you do during Yule to return to your authentic self?

NEW BEGINNINGS: the Winter Solstice and holiday season are full of new beginnings. What new things can you look forward to in 2021? What goals can you set to achieve in the new year? How about a ritual to mark a new dawn in your life?

GRATITUDE: What are you grateful for in your life? Which positive and nurturing behaviors or attitudes can you repeat and reinforce in 2021? Which affirmations should you give yourself *now* so you can manifest abundance *now* and in the New Year? If you are grateful for something, how can you nourish it and care for it in 2021?

EMOTIONS: This challenging year has also provided many of us witches with emotional breakthroughs. What have you learned about your mental health? What can you be proud of? What should you adjust?

SHADOW SELF/WORK: Shadow Work can help you to get to know and integrate your “shadow side,” or the part of yourself you don’t see everyday. Are you stifling or denying anything in yourself that you should accept or acknowledge? How can you begin to nurture the disowned parts of yourself to improve your perception and your relationships?

REST: Winter is a time for rest – and Yule is often a time for getting together with loved ones. Take some quiet time to decide what you/your inner child needs during rest time to feel whole.

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