We Have a YouTube Channel!

Blessed Be, Witches! We are proud to announce the launch of our Mental Health for Witches YouTube Channel. Here, you’ll find our latest videos, such as those that feature our Introduction to the MHW Community and more information about what MHW is (and what it isn’t). We will also be posting more information about our Founder, Amber, and her experiences as a witch, psychic medium, clairsentient empath, Reiki practitioner, mental health consumer, and mental health advocate.

Other topics you can expect to pop up on our YouTube Channel in 2021:

•How may we redefine the term “mental illness” in our lives and in our society?

•What can we do to heal ourselves – and what mental health-related therapies and treatments are available to the witch today?

•What kind of alternative health, holistic health, and witchy wellness solutions may help enhance a witch’s emotional well-being and whole body health?

•What is the difference between my “ego mind” and my intuition?

•What type of rituals, meditations, and magick could help me heal from trauma or enhance my emotional well-being?

•Which astrological events, planetary events, and witchy seasonal celebrations can help me not only to heal, but to thrive?

•What does the Mental Health for Witches community have available for FREE that I can utilize to my advantage this year? What does the MHW team have available by way of subscription services, consulting offerings, or support groups, that I can use to feel more like a part of a tribe and better my mental wellness in the unique way that fits me?

We will help you to answer all of this and more in the New Year. Be sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Free – you’ll get the opportunity to subscribe once you start watching Amber’s intros.

If you are more into the written word, we have a Blog available right here on the Mental Health for Witches website. Check out our Witchy Blog for the same topics in text format.