Witchy Tips for the Workplace

How does it make you feel to begin a new work week – or a work year? While many of us find solace or inspiration in work, the daily grind or the need to please others through our work can cause feelings of tension, stress, dread, or anxiety. Moreover, the environment/culture in which we work can have a profound effect on us, especially if we are sensitive, intuitive, psychic, or an empath.

This is precisely why we created a list of our favorite career and work tips for witches. Let’s begin:

Choose the Right Environment

First, search for an environment that suits how you work. Some of us are best in a quiet space, while others need to nourish social wellness to truly thrive. Think about your ideal workplace + research a company’s culture and job descriptions to see if they fit. If you sense there is a mismatch between your current job and your personality or working style, consider if you may be able to make a change this year.

Research Accommodations + Schedule Self-Care

Read up on your organization’s disability + religion/spirituality accommodations. After all, these guidelines were created with you in mind. If your work is especially busy or tense, be sure to schedule self-care into your calendar. Even if you absolutely love your job, you should still engage in self-nurturing activities in order to maintain and/or restore balance inside and out.

Forge a New Path

Finally, if you feel stuck or uninspired, don’t be afraid to make a change to a new career, workplace, or job description. You don’t have to do the same thing all your life. Some people switch careers multiple times; in fact, it is a characteristic of some Life Paths. Embrace change if necessary. Talk to a trusted friend or professional if you need assistance with your steps or making your next move. You should also consider speaking with a mental health professional or a loved one if you think that your job is causing you emotional distress or is otherwise affecting how you feel.

With these tips in mind, you may be able to enjoy a more productive and pleasant workplace in 2021.

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