Root Chakra Guide for Witches

Blessed Be, Witches! The first stop on our Chakra Healing Series is the Root Chakra, also considered the “first chakra.” As with each of our witchy guides to the chakras, learning more about the Root Chakra will help you discover how to heal your own trauma, emotional wounds, and mental ailments. Everyone’s journey is different, so a combination of education, knowledge, and innate wisdom will help you to create the therapeutic plan that is right for you. First, let’s discuss the Root Chakra and why we need to keep it balanced.

Root Chakra Basics

This is a very basic guide to the Root Chakra for the purposes of our mental health community. In future posts and videos, we will dive deeper into the foundation and basics of this chakra. For now, let’s consider this a “Root Chakra 101” explanation and graphic:

As we discuss here, the first chakra is the “root” or “support” of this energy system. It also serves the root/support/functional side of our mental health and emotional wellness. The Root Chakra concerns itself with basic needs and human survival, which is why its designated developmental period is between 1-8 years of age. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals. In distance reiki attunements, the area of healing is near the end of the torso/pelvic area of the body.

At the lowest vibrational rate of all the chakras, the Root Chakra burns a deep, rich red. This chakra is also associated with the Earth element, the Planet Saturn, and is said to be what connects us, energetically, to our material existence. When a witch wants to enhance their mental health or emotional wellness, it is a safe bet to say they can look to the Root Chakra for optimization.

Root Chakra Signs of Dysfunction

When this chakra is overactive or blocked, we may experience mental health symptoms such as mental lethargy, a loss of focus in our daily activities, a general lack of motivation, and restlessness as we work, take care of our homes and families or go about our daily tasks. As a result of a Root Chakra blockage, we may also experience anxiety, or depression. Anger or a sense of entitlement can be a sign of over-activity. A larger list of possible signs of Root Chakra dysfunction are listed in this graphic:

Some other possible signs of dysfunction in the Root Chakra include difficulty pinpointing and achieving personal or professional goals, or feeling detached or “spaced out.” You may also find it difficult to stay still or you may desire to stay active throughout the day, burning your energy just so you don’t feel so restless. While the symptoms of Root Chakra dysfunction can be uncomfortable, certified Reiki Masters like our Founder Amber Grimes will tell you they are quite common.

Balancing and Healing the Root Chakra

If you sense an imbalance in your Root Chakra, you may decide to work to heal it on your own. This is completely fine – and good use of your time! You can care for blockages or an overactive Root Chakra at home. Witches are particularly adept at utilizing healing modalities in the comfort of their sacred space in order to help heal emotional wounds or mental trauma. You can also look to an energy healer or Reiki practitioner for distance attunements or in-person, non-touch attunements to help heal blockages with the power of Reiki energy.

Some additional ideas for balancing and healing the Root Chakra are here:

You can learn DIY crystal healing or go to an experienced crystal healer who will take care of the session details for you. Some of the most popular and effective Root Chakra healing crystals include hematite, bloodstone, smoky quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Agate. You can also use red(ish) stones and crystals like rose quartz, red jasper, and carnelian.

Grounding crystals include black tourmaline, onyx, and rhodochrosite. When choosing a crystal or stone, think about what your needs are specific to the Root Chakra. For example, those who need to heal Mother Wound trauma may choose loving rose quartz, balancing hematite, or enchanting Tiger’s Eye. A lack of a feeling of security or symptoms of hypervigilance may require a grounding stone like black tourmaline or hematite.

Yoga, positive affirmations, counseling, therapy, journaling, meditation, contemplation, visualization, re-parenting, and Root Chakra themed altars can also help you to heal your first chakra over time.

Here are a few more Root Chakra healing tips:

  • Select Yoga poses that keep you rooted firmly to the ground or create a sense of stability and strength in the body.
  • Create your own custom positive affirmations or find ones to inspire you online. You can also use some of the affirmations that we have on our Instagram page.
  • Work with a counselor, therapist, or psychologist who has experience dealing with childhood issues, Mother Wound trauma, or Root Chakra healing. We have more tips for choosing the right therapist for the witch in our Instagram posts.
  • Write or journal about your Mother Wound trauma, childhood challenges, or the lack of stability or security you are feeling. Next, write positive affirmations to yourself and “re-parent” yourself by setting boundaries, reminding yourself you are inherently worthy and putting yourself first in terms of health and self-care.
  • One of a witch’s favorite activities is to adorn their altar. While you don’t have to create your Root Chakra altar in the same space as your witchy one, you are definitely encouraged to design an area devoted to your healing. Think red, elephants, bulls, and things that make you feel safe, grounded, and secure. Visit this altar for meditations and contemplations on your Root Chakra healing.

Chakra Healing and Care

It takes courage to explore your shadow self, your emotional wounds, and your mental health needs. Dear witch, please congratulate yourself on taking steps to design the life you want and need. Your mental health care plan may include strategies such as eating healthy, exercising, meditating, and sleeping well. Your spiritual and witchcraft goals can also help assist you with your healing. At the same time, consider how chakra blockages or an overactive energy field can exacerbate mental health symptoms or even help to create them entirely. We will be discussing more about how to care for the Root Chakra in future resources. We will also be giving you information on the other 6 main chakras in the coming days.

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