The Darker Side of Summer

Some people think seasonal depression is only for fall and winter. It is true that many people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the darker months of the year. Summer is associated with the Sun and long, warm days we should be spending outdoors. But for some witches like me, summertime has its challenges.

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I was born in summer. My sun sign and rising sign are ruled by the Sun. I have fiery hair and I live in a humid subtropical climate. However, the heat and high energy can quickly make me uptight and anxious. As most witches know, there is such thing as too much energy. If we have more of it than we can work with, the energy becomes a liability.

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Summer is peak energy.

If you experience symptoms of sadness or even feelings like anxiousness or irritability in summer, there are things you can do to help calm your energy. Some of these include:

How to Calm or “Cool Down” Your Energy During Summer

Exercising or “working out” your energy indoors; some helpful activities may include running or dancing

Swimming, bathing, or taking a dip in a body of cool water

Drinking ice water, especially with soothing flavors like cucumber or strawberry

Spending some time alone in a cool, dark room

Taking a nap in a dark room

Meditating alone in a cool spot; a dim or dark room is always helpful

Eating foods that cool you down like cantaloupe or watermelon

Visualizing water or a cool, dark place

Research water deities

Working with “cooling” stones or crystals such as hematite, aquamarine, or lapis lazuli

Taking a day off to rest at home or recharge from social events

Try calming types of yoga, such as yin yoga or restorative yoga

Consider meeting with a certified mental health counselor, psychologist, or family therapist if you think you need counseling or professional support

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How to Prepare for Summer Emotions

If you notice a pattern in your moods every summer, you can prepare yourself ahead of time. One way to prepare is with self-talk. Remind yourself that for whatever unique reason, this is a more challenging season for you – and that’s okay. Everyone and everything has simpler and harder times. It is the essence and nature of life. It does not mean something is wrong with you.

At the same time, it does not mean you must change or alter anything about yourself or your craft. Instead, you can work with this energy. You can accept your summer energy as part of your life at present, instead of a cause of fear or resistance.

Use some energy to stay positive: Gentle daily reminders, positive affirmations, and daily journaling can all help to ease the emotions that can come during summer.

Work on slowing your reactions: Work on deep breathing and conscious awareness meditation, which can help you to pause after experiencing a trigger. If you can slow down your automatic reactions to perceived threats, you will make better and more nurturing choices for your mind and body.

Honor your intuition and take time for self-care: Listen to your body and mind. If you are overwhelmed by summer social events or seasonal crowds, balance it with quiet time and rest. If it gets too warm for you, take plenty of time to cool down. Invest in clothing or tools that can help you keep your ideal temperature.

Start a new project or hobby: If you’re full of energy, it can be helpful to give yourself a project for summer. Instead of focusing on your discomfort, you can focus on preparing fruits and vegetables for their fall harvest. Begin planning Samhain crafts or begin a new indoor hobby. The choices and possibilities are endless!

For Witches, Summer Is Growth

Every season has its own purpose. For many witches, summer is associated with growth. You can use summertime to harness your inner strength and nurture emotional wellness. You can also use it to prepare for the coming seasons or start something new. On the days you aren’t feeling so well, take time to rest. After all, healing isn’t only for the fall or winter. Every witch is different, but your intuition is sacred. Begin to write down what you need each season and give it to yourself. As you grow older, you’ll have a better roadmap for your joy and emotional health.

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