Finding Balance at the Fall Equinox

In my opinion, Mabon is one of the best Sabbats. When the witchy harvest festivities start and autumn begins, it gets cooler for us near the coast. It also means that Samhain is soon upon us. I prefer the darker half of the year because of the weather – and because my emotions are more settled than in spring and summer.

As a witch and psychic I’m profoundly affected by energy. I’m also a double fire sign and an Ayurvedic Pitta, so the humid weather and summer heat can make me feel a little less-than-stable. Mabon is a good time for me to reflect on balance and make sure I’m settled. I suspect you may feel the same way!

There are many ways to celebrate Mabon, but balance is an important theme for many of us this year. If you want to focus on this witchy theme for the fall equinox, here are a few ways to start:

Inspiring Balance With Yoga

The body needs movement to find stability and balance. Yoga is an excellent activity for discovering and maintaining a centered physical and emotional state. There are ways to tailor your yoga session to the fall equinox. Here are a few ways to design a Mabon yoga session:

  • Start with a self-scalp massage. Rub your entire head, including the crown and temples.
  • Engage in routines and poses that work to balance the entire body.
  • Stretch routines can help you loosen up and release excess energy in the body
  • Gentle twisting and turning motions can also help to create energy release
  • Be sure to breathe deeply throughout your session to help ground and release
  • Warrior poses and others that place the feet firmly on the ground are excellent choices for Mabon sessions
  • Toward the end of the session, envision yourself holding an orange or yellow candle. “Blow out” all of the things that you need to release this time of year so you can make room for the new during the second half of the year.
  • End with gratitude for yourself – you made it through the first half of the year!
  • Use a Yoga app or find yoga sessions online that deal with the fall equinox, warrior poses, twists, or finding balance. DM us on Twitter or Instagram for recommendations.

Balance Through Meditation & Visualization

A meditation and visualization can help you clear some of the mental “fog” that’s in your way. It’s an opportunity to engage in self-care at Mabon while getting yourself centered for the second half of the year.

Along with deep breathing sessions to help balance your nervous system, you can visualize yourself “getting rid” of or “letting go” of the negatives from the first half of the year and moving forward with a new, positive outlook.

Let the past fall like leaves. It’s time for a new you.

If you need a little inspiration, here are some autumnal meditations and visualizations for you:

Guided Relaxation for All Ages – Enchanted Fall Forest

Autumn Blossom Meditation – Enchanted Living

Nature Autumn 4K Relaxing Video – YouTube

…or anything that resonates with you 🙂

Discovering Balance Through Letting Go

Every witch has something to let go at Mabon. After all, it’s human nature to get off-balance and refocus. Have a quiet moment for yourself. What do you need to let go and how will you do it? Let it come to you. It’s all up to you and your needs and desires.

Do you need to write a letter to tear up/throw away or burn in a cauldron?

Do you need to revisit your plans for the year and make adjustments?

Should you make a change to a schedule or an activity? Remember, it’s okay to back out or say no.

Can you let go of something that isn’t working to make way for something new?

Is it time to let go of someone and their energy once and for all?

Do you need to let go of a habit? What can you do today to replace it?

Should you let go of the idea of the “old you” so you can reinvent yourself? It’s a great time to start!

Fall Herbs & Roots for Balance

There are many reasons to use fall herbs and roots for balance. Some are edible plants while others are used for medicinal purposes. If you’d like you can incorporate fall herbs and roots into your spell work. Roll your candles in crushed herbs or put some of the items on your altar.

Some classic and out-of-the-box fall herbs and roots are:

  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Chicory
  • Mallow
  • Cherry Bark
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger

There are so many options, just be sure to research each herb thoroughly to be sure it works for your spells. It’s also important to make sure that herbs you intend on eating are indeed edible! You can always ask a doctor if you have questions about eating certain herbs, using certain herbs for medical purposes, or what would be best for your health needs.

More Witchy Ideas for Achieving Balance This Fall

There are so many ways to make your Mabon rituals your own. Try some of these ideas this fall season. They’re perfect for the time leading up to Samhain!

  • Take meditative walks in nature / engage in forest bathing
  • Spend time alone
  • Take naps so you can rest and recharge your body
  • Commit to some time for yourself each week
  • Begin journaling about your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Stretch when you can’t engage in exercise or yoga; make it a daily practice
  • Eat healthier; fall produce is an excellent place to start making changes
  • Stock up on cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves for fall snacks and spell work
  • Designate an “accountability” partner that also wants to achieve witchy balance: check in with each other once a week to ensure you’re taking care of your mind and body.

Questions or comments? Reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.

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