Surviving Aries Season

Aries Season. Does anyone else have trouble surviving this one every year?

I can’t remember when I started having trouble with Aries season (~March 20-April 20), but it very well could stem as far back as I remember. If you look at my birth chart I am a Mars in Aries. Among other things, this means I’m full of stamina and motivation.

I’m driven and action-oriented. I was also diagnosed with ADHD in my teenage years (does anyone see a familiar pattern?) Unfortunately, this need for action seems to rear its ugly head this time of year. I noticed the last few years that during Aries season become unsettled. I start to do things because I’m nervous or fearful, and not necessarily because it’s the wisest thing. I make hasty choices embroiled with emotion; many that I later regret.

Sometimes I wonder if the fact that my grandmother died just before Aries season makes a difference. It’s always on my mind just as Aries season begins. The spring season makes me want to take action, but I might be moving too fast (winter’s over, isn’t it?) That’s another thing I notice about the Aries trait…it makes me want to hurry up and get there instead of appreciating growth or the journey.

We’re all a witchy work in progress. I’m still figuring out how to best “survive” Aries season and all the emotions and energy that come with it. Here are some possible strategies that I’m discovering that may or may not work for you:

Ways to Survive Aries Season (Witchy Thoughts and Tips)

Engage in the Opposite of What You’re Feeling

Are you feeling amped? Ready to go? Like you could punch a pillow or, well, scream? You’re not alone! Aries season brings out these feelings in many of us. Instead of letting the energy-laden emotions snowball, we suggest relaxing instead. Take a rest. Stay home. Engage in a short nap. Simplify your schedule. Whatever it takes, give yourself permission to listen to your body, de-stress, and unwind.

The longer you engage with those “fight or flight” feelings and emotions the longer it’s going to take to get you out of that stressed state. Don’t let anyone tell you that spring isn’t a time to pamper yourself and engage in slow self-care. The seasons don’t matter when it comes to how you’re body is doing and how you’re responding to trauma and stress.

Give Yourself Grace

We all do and say things we don’t mean. If Aries season energy has the best of you, forgive yourself. Give yourself permission to relax and accept accountability. Ask someone to forgive you for your actions. Let yourself know that it’s okay to forgive yourself for what you did when you were in survival mode. Make it a lesson and leave it there.

Try Ways to Calm Aries Energy

Aries energy is blazing fire energy. For me, it’s no surprise that I struggle with Aries because I am also a natural fire sign for my Sun and Rising. Water elements can help to calm Aries energy, especially when you’re struggling emotionally during Aries season. Water energy stones like Amazonite and Aquamarine can help with rest and meditation sessions. They’re also perfect for springtime crystal energy healing.

Take a bath or shower with cool water. Take a dip in the pool or ocean (even if it’s still a little cool this time of year!). Visit a cold springs for an invigorating reset. Rose essential oils can help to soothe the heart and spirit. You could also try patchouli or peppermint. Burn sky blue and teal candles. Enter more calming, cooling colors into your life. Some witches like nature sounds, like the rain or ocean.

Aries Is a Strength and a Challenge

Believe me – this is not to say that there is anything negative about Aries. I have Aries in my chart and it definitely runs through my family. This is all about working better with the Aries energy if you have some parts of you that feel intensely fiery or emotional this time of year. There is no right or wrong when it comes to birth charts, personalities, or mental health. Rather, knowing yourself and how you experience the world is part of our mental health “battle.”

Our Founder Amber would love to hear how you handle Aries energy this time of year. Whether you are an Aries Sun or you struggle with Aries energy, we would love to hear from you. Drop a note to us at We’ll feature some of your responses on social media and in updates to our blog.

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