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All Witches Are Welcome in Our Free and Official MHW Facebook Group

Are you searching for an online coven to talk about mental health and get support when you need it most? ALL WITCHES are welcome in our new Mental Health for Witches support group on Facebook Groups. It’s totally free and private. Tap or click the link to join our growing network of supportive, caring witches on our Facebook Group. Our founder Amber will accept your membership and let you in.

What Should I Know About Joining the MHW Group on Facebook?

Be sure to read the group’s ground rules before you start posting, as they are very important to the health and integrity of the group. Due to the sensitive nature of the group, all witches will be held to a high standard if they want to remain members. However, you are welcome to post as often as you wish! You can feel safe expressing yourself in our group. Use your witchy name or come on in with your usual Facebook profile.

You can start by browsing the previous posts that Amber wrote, then introduce yourself and join in conversations as you wish. You can also start a conversation and seek the input of your fellow witches. Amber aims to post often and start conversations.

What Can We Talk About in the MHW Group?

You are free to discuss anything pertaining to your mental health and growth. We are a support and accountability based group, so we try to support each other in our growth and awareness so we can be better witches and people for ourselves and our ecosystem. Here are some common topics to discuss in Amber’s groups:

  • Discussing Daily Life/How You’re Coping with your trauma, diagnosis, symptoms etc. to get support from others
  • Seeking recommendations for websites, books, resources, or asking about other witches’ experience with a certain symptom, therapeutic modality, etc.
  • Coping strategies for symptoms, diagnosis, trauma
  • Sharing insights in your growth and awareness of your mental health
  • Asking questions about mental health to seek resources from others
  • Spellwork related to mental health, coping, relaxation
  • Self-care strategies
  • Get support and friendship from allies in healing
  • Surround yourself with other witches going through the same things

We are not medical professionals or psychiatrists. We do not offer medical advice but rather speak on our own experience and help uplift each other through challenges. If you’re experiencing a mental health emergency, dial 911 or your local mental health emergency line.

We Look Forward to Your Membership

That’s it! It’s easy to join our Facebook Group. Search Mental Health for Witches on Facebook Groups and you’ll find our private group. Or, click on the link to the group above.

Our 100th member will get free MHW swag sent to their door, so look out for that announcement! On that note, we also have free swag for those who recruit the most members before August 1st, 2023. If you recruit a witch to our MH coven on FB groups, have them send us a message on FB messenger with your name. The witch who has the most tallies by August will get free swag sent to them as well.

This is the first iteration of many offerings MHW will provide for witches everywhere, including text-based chats and one-on-one support programs. To view some of our current services provided by Amber Jord, a certified peer support professional, Guardian Advocate, certified Reiki Master, and former mental health technician, please visit our Mental Health for Witches Services tab on our Facebook page.

Book 30-minute sessions with Amber instantly via Calendly. We have times and instant pay options available. Book your 1-on-1 witchy support system with a certified MHW peer advocate or sign up for a Chakra (Reiki) Evaluation.