About Mental Health for Witches

Mental Health for Witches (MHW) is a community for witches, by witches. It is designed to help provide resources and support about mental health, emotional wellness, holistic health, and witchcraft to the witchy community.

We consider MHW to be a “consumer” community of fellow witches of all ages, sexual identifications, gender identities, backgrounds, and spiritualities who may happen to have a mental health diagnosis, mental health-related symptoms, or an interest in emotional wellness. It is also a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ community, for those with all mental health diagnoses, for those with eating disorders, and for those who have suffered abuse, neglect, or trauma. If you have questions, let us know. We assure you that you’re welcome here.

We want you to feel supported, heard, and understood. We also want you to know about the organizations and types of professionals you could possibly reach out to if you want to learn more about improving your mental health or enhancing your emotional wellness.

Mental Health for Witches is Not:

A doctor, psychiatrist, or mental health professional. We cannot diagnose or treat mental health conditions, and we cannot assist in a mental health emergency.

Operated 24/7. It is also not an emergency line. If you think you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please seek immediate medical assistance or dial your local emergency line (911).

Giving out medical advice. Instead, we are a support community. We are also a place to learn strategies and resources to enhance our witchcraft and our emotional health.

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