What Is Emotional Wellness?

Our emotional wellness helps us adapt to changes + difficult times.

The National Institute of Health reminds us that how we feel can affect our ability to carry out our hobbies, interests, and daily activities. Even if you are currently struggling with your emotions or think you could use some help coping, you can change how you respond to events or triggers over time. In other words, there is always hope. There is always light!

Read through the link above for more on optimal emotional wellness and how to improve your emotional health.

Evaluating Your Emotional Wellness

The Psychology Today guide to emotional wellness provides a series of questions that can help you determine whether you are enjoying emotional wellness or need to make some improvements.

Signs of Emotional Wellness

The Bach Remedies team has a quick, simple list that can help you determine if you are emotionally well.

Emotional Wellness: What to Consider

The Familydoctor.org website gives you a series of strategies for improving emotional wellness. If you would like to see a doctor to ask questions about your emotional health, this page also tells you how to get started.

Emotional Health Assessments

Assess your emotional health, learn more facts about why it is important, and discover a few activities for improvement.

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