Self Healing

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We can heal ourselves.

Many of us were taught that an outside outlet could heal or cure us. Some types of treatment, therapy, family member, or partner would be able to make us whole.

It is true that some treatments can improve mental health symptoms, that relationships can make our lives better, and that sometimes we need assistance to feel our best. However, there are many challenges that stem from childhood trauma, relationship issues, or emotional wellness challenges that we can improve by caring for ourselves.

By prioritizing our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellness, we can being to self-heal. This essential section of the Mental Health for Witches website is dedicated to helping you become your own self-healer.

Reiki for Self Healing

Write about reiki and its benefits for self healing right here. Talk about how reiki can help heal people and how you can get started with reiki. Eventually we can put information about reiki for sale.

Exercise & Moving Energy

Exercise and moving energy in your body through dance and yoga and other things can help you to self-heal.

Nutrition & Wellness

The information here will be kind of what we talked about in the reiki certification class – talking about how you should be eating good food and drinking herbal teas – might be a blog post from the site.

Meditation & Visualization Exercises

Learn how to meditate, visualize positive things, and ground your energy while protecting your energy.

Have an idea?

If you would like to suggest an emotional wellness resource that should go on this page, please feel free to contact us.