Mental Health

Your mental health matters.

Many of us have lived with mental health symptoms or conditions such as depression, anxiety, or mood swings. Emotions and feelings are a part of the human experience – but sometimes, they can begin to cloud how we act and think. There is nothing wrong with having a mental health diagnosis or living with unresolved trauma. After all, we didn’t choose where we came from as children or what biological factors we were given at birth.

What we can do is take responsibility for ourselves as powerful self-healers. We can learn to make better decisions and have more control over our energy and our focus. We can also learn how to better care for ourselves and provide healthier support for our children, families, friends, or communities. We can also choose to believe that our struggles were for a higher good – that we are on this planet to help break a cycle, nurture another human, or change the world for the better.

Every witch, regardless of their background, deserves to live a joyful, peaceful life. Discover more about mental health and your journey to emotional wellness.

What Is Mental Health?

Understand the importance of mental health and the basics of what it means to be mentally healthy.

Mental Health Resources

Discover some of the most reputable and helpful mental health resources on the Internet, so you can make the most informed choices about your holistic health or your professional care.

About MHW

We are not doctors or psychiatric professionals – and we do not seek to provide medical advice. We also do not condone one way of healing. Instead, we are here to support each other in the witchy community.